Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mud Day

Once a year, we get to have a play date with Miss Emily and Malisa and Eli and Elsie. Every year, Ryan and Emily have a great time playing together. This year, because they are older, it took them a little longer to warm up to each other. Once they decided to go outside and play, they got along famously. They discovered their mutual love of MUD! They had a mud fight and a water fight and decided to decorate the castle with mud as well. When it was finally time to come in, they started peeling of their mud infused clothing. Emily suddenly stopped and said, "Ryan we can't take off our pants yet. We have to get our snails out of our pockets." A girl after Ryan's own heart. We had a great day playing and, I'm happy to report that my washer was able to tackle all the dirty clothes.

The castle aftermath

The fence and the new mud fresco


  1. Love the snail part of the story! AND, I hope I remember to be the kind of mom who doesnt stop fantastic fun like that. Kudos to yoU!

  2. High 5 to you and Malisa for letting them go for it in the mud! Good times :) These are the kinds of memories that will last a lifetime!