Sunday, December 19, 2010


We may be needing an ark in the next few days. Our neighborhood is flooding. I know when we bought our house we had to sign something saying that we knew our house was in a flood zone, but I also suspect the city hasn't done much to keep gutters and drains clean since we've had such scant amounts of rain since we've lived here.

Anyway, we've seen canoe-ers going down the street and lifted trucks looking for a place to drive. One car is submerged to the top of its tires and another is up to its windows. People have rain water going into their garages, which probably means it's in the house. Some people have put out sandbags, but the water seems to be going higher than that. We seem to be at a high point on our street and we're hoping that the water doesn't get up to our house. I bought rain boots for the first time for myself and all the store had left for Jack were snow boots. They're ok, but not as good as Ryan's rain boots. Phil has his irrigating boots so he's in good shape. Some of our neighbors were walking around in fishing gators earlier. Hopefully we don't need those. Anyway, this should be an interesting next few days since the rain is supposed to continue.

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  1.! You weren't kidding about your neighborhood being flooded. I bet Ryan is in heaven :)