Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mud Brothers

Yesterday, Phil and Ryan dug a pit in our backyard and today the pit was filled with water. Ryan had a great time digging, splashing, and covering himself with mud. He kept yelling out, "I'm getting PIG DIRTY!!!!!!"

Jack kept going over to the pit, but I would pull him back and tell him no mud. He would cry, and cry, and stick his lip out. Finally, I relented, stripped his cute little outfit off, and let him have at it.

Ryan yelled out, "We're mud brothers," and dropped a splat of mud on Jack's head. Jack giggled hysterically, as mud dripped down his face. They splashed, they screamed, they squished mud, and they dug. I have two BOYS on my hands.

They both sobbed when it was over and we had to have a bath. I have a feeling they'll be spending some time this summer in the mud pit.

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