Saturday, May 15, 2010

Jack 11 months!

I can't believe that Jack is already 11 months old. This first year is flying by.
  • Jack is crawling everywhere and cruising along every piece of furniture. He pulls anything down that he can reach. He also likes to empty the bib and towel drawer in the kitchen.
  • He can stand on his own, but can't take a step by himself yet. He LOVES to hold our hands and walk.
  • He is stubborn and opinionated and if we don't do what he wants, he lets us know.
  • He thinks he is a big boy, but his baby body is holding him back.
  • He continues to love Ryan and wants to do everything he does. Ryan usually loves his little shadow, but sometimes gets really frustrated when Jack doesn't do things "right" (i.e., mess up his train tracks, or rows of cars that he has arranged).
  • Jack LOVES strawberries and sobs when he doesn't have any left. He also likes bananas and green beans. His other favorite is Ritz crackers. He also seems to like beans. Today we tried eggs again and he actually liked them.
  • Jack is a BIG boy. He is 32 inches and 24 lbs. He wears 18 month clothes.
  • Jack LOVES his blankie and has to crawl over to it every so often, rub his face on it, and suck his fingers.
  • He is a little shy around a lot of people. When he's a little intimidated, he'll feel his blanket, suck his fingers, and need me to hold him.
  • He loves animals and gets super excited to see Rita, or Mario, or Jed.
  • Jack likes to crawl while pushing a car, making "broom, broom," sounds.
  • He is fascinated by wheels and loves to spin them, just like Ryan did.
  • He has decided he is one of the "guys" and when all the guys are outside, and he is inside with me, he'll go to the back door and yell to be let out.
  • I love when he needs to come over for a little cuddle.
Happy 11 months Jack!

Jack has become REALLY attached to his blanket

I love that little grin

He's all eyes for his big brother

He thinks he is such a big boy

My Ryan


  1. Love these pictures..Jack is getting so grown up. His shorter haircut makes him look more grown up. I liked the video of Jack walking too, especially the verbal comments he makes...too funny.