Wednesday, January 27, 2010


On Tuesday this week, my new Bernina sewing machine finally arrived. This started a reorganizing trend that overwhelmed our house. When I was in college, whenever finals week arrived, I always had to have a clean workspace in order to optimize my study time. I would clean my dorm room and straighten everything before I could start studying. I think the same thing happened when my sewing machine arrived.

My sewing stuff, ever since Jack arrived, has been stored in random closets around the house. To sew, I've had to pull things out of each room, work on my project, then clean everything up at the end of the day. This has been super frustrating since most sewing projects take more than an afternoon to complete. My intention all along has been for Ryan and Jack to share a room, but I didn't know when I'd move them in together. I decided that my sister and I always shared a room and it would not be detrimental for my boys to share either.

Here is their shared room. They are really enjoying being together.

This is their newly reorganized closet.

My new/old sewing room. I just need to add some decorations to the space.

My sewing/craft closet

After all this reorganizing took place, I started in on my projects. The first thing I did was turn my old goldfish curtain into a functional shower curtain. A while back, we removed the shower doors from this bathroom to more easily bathe the boys and so a shower curtain was in order.

Next, I completed a quilt that I had started for my sister in law, Vanessa. I love how it turned out and I really enjoyed making it.

I backed the quilt with a paisley patterned minky. It is so soft and comfy.

Originally, I had cut out the rectangles below to incorporate into Vanessa's quilt, but changed my mind. I sewed them together to make a baby blanket.
I've really been enjoying my new space and my new machine. I can't wait to start on my next project.


  1. Wow! Youre on a roll! I think I might have sewing room envy!

  2. love that quilt! glad you have your room back!