Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Purse for a Great Friend

A great friend of mine is having a birthday this week.  For her gift, I made her this bag.  I was inspired by Amy Butler's Birdie Sling pattern, but I don't own this pattern, and after sewing her diaper bag and a few other things by her, I was not excited to try another of her patterns. I searched the internet for something I'd like to try and found this pattern for free at Burda Style.  It was a little difficult to understand at first because the instructions had been poorly translated from German, but it was very simple once I looked it over.  I did add interfacing to make it a little more sturdy and less slouchy, but overall, the pattern was easy to follow.  


  1. cute...I'm liking that website. I might have to trade you the birdie sling for your pattern for awhile, I love the pleating!

  2. Jenny, I actually met your friend that you did this for. We are taking a cooking class together! I recognized the purse from the blog as she was leaving on Saturday. Small world...oh, and the purse is Amazing!!!