Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring Break

My spring break has consisted of construction and painting. Last Friday, Phil's mom and her husband, Don, came down to help us install our flooring. It took the four of us three, twelve-hour, work days to get the flooring in and the baseboards nailed back on. The next project I tackled was painting our entertainment center a rich chocolate brown. (It was a medium toned oak before painting and was too similar to the flooring color.) My painting project took most of the week to complete due to the fact that I painted during Ryan's two-hour nap time each day. We still need to patch and paint the baseboards before the project will truly be complete, but that may need to be tackled during summer vacation. After all this hard work, I'm very leery of painting my kitchen cabinets white, although, that will really finish off the space. Here are pictures of the process below.
Our living room before the demo began.
Down to the carpet pad.
Scraping the glue off the floor and prepping for the underlayment.
Phil laying planks.
Don and Phil continuing to lay the planks.
The floors are in!
The newly painted entertainment center.
The living room.


  1. It looks so great! And what a lot of hard work!
    I've been wanting to paint my kitchen cabinets white for four years now, but I think I would probably start it and never get it finished.

  2. By the way, the knee pads were Phil's skateboard knee pads. They still get used for gardening. It really was alot of work, too bad you didn't have a pic of the girls at work, we did work didn't we!!!
    Was gglad we could stop yesterday and see the finished project in person.