Sunday, March 9, 2008

New Floors

Phil and I have been saving up to put laminate floors into our house. Today we were at Lowes and they had a great closeout deal on these floors so we bought our flooring. I can't wait to see them installed in our home!

On a side note, Ryan did the funniest thing today. He was pretending to drive the car while Phil was unloading the flooring. He saw the cord for my ipod and asked, "dat?" I told him that it was the cord for the ipod and if we plugged it in, we could watch the "chooch" (Thomas the Tank Engine). He looked at me funny, closed his eyes, and touched the cord to his eye, while asking, "eye?" It was too cute!


  1. Jenny, those floors are going to look so good in your house. I love wood floor. Or at lease what looks like wood.

  2. Looks great! Should be an interesting project. I plan to do alot of babysitting...hope that works for you.

  3. Ryan is so cute. I wish I had wood floors, but have too many other things to buy right now. I console myself by saying Ollie would be black and blue from falling on them when he learns to walk:)Though the laminate would not be too painful on the noggin or the pocketbook!