Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Special Birthday Gift

Oh Jack, my wild and crazy boy. We've had a couple of rough days with a lot of blatant disobedience. Parenting has been intense. I told both of my boys that the one thing I wanted for my birthday was for them to obey me and to be kind to each other. They were really good about it for the morning. After I picked up Ryan from school, they started bickering. We got home and Jack was supposed to nap. He hasn't been napping much lately, despite needing it. He didn't nap again this evening and was cranky. Awana started out rough with Jack again with more disobedience. by the time we were driving home, I had had it with the boys.

 In the car, Jack started asking about God and heaven and if Jesus was alive in heaven. I told Jack that he was. Jack asked if Jesus would die again and I said no. I asked Jack if he believed in God and he said yes. I asked him if he believed in heaven and he said yes. I asked him if he believed that Jesus died on the cross for his sins and he was alive in heaven and he said yes. I then asked Jack if he would like to be part of God's family and have Jesus in his heart and again he said yes! I told him he could pray a prayer and become part of God's family. He was hesitant so I told him I could tell him the words to say. He then said he wanted to and he prayed along with me. It must be something about car rides with these kids, but that's where our best talks have happened. Even though Jack's behavior hasn't been great lately, this was the best gift he could have given to me.

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