Sunday, February 17, 2013


As I look around my house, I see you, Vanessa.  You are in my closet.  As I try to pick something to wear in the morning, I see the gray TOMS that you convinced me to buy, or the shirts that you bought me for birthdays and Christmas.  I see the chevron scarf that you liked.  There is the orchid colored dress you insisted I buy or the orangey red shirt that was "so me."  There is the brown and cream dress that I wore to your wedding.  I see you in my hallway.  Your wedding pictures are there.  I see the love that you and Doug had.  I see you in my boys' room.  The picture book that you wrote about Lucky is on the bookshelf.  We read it over and over and hoped for a sequel.  I see the blue converse that you gave Ryan for his birthday.  He wanted you to know how much he loves them.  I see you in my sewing room.  The plaid fabric from your jacket is here.  Your muslin for it is in my scraps bin with pieces from the girls' quilts.  I see you in my living room as I look around and remember the meals we shared or the rounds of Scattergories we played.  But mostly you are in my heart where all these memories live.  I am so thankful for each one and for all the fun we had together.  Thank you for that.

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