Saturday, June 16, 2012

Jack's 3rd Birthday

We have had a great time celebrating Jack's 3rd birthday the last 2 days. Yesterday was his actual birthday.

We started the day with a donut from Smith's.

Next, we gave Jack the gift he had been asking for for ages; "Big Giant Minn Missile!"

Then we were off to church for the last day of VBS. That evening, Lorie invited us over for dinner (which was fantastic) and cake.

Today, after many weeks of pinning monster ideas on pinterest, we got to have Jack's monster party.

I found this cake on pinterest and recreated it with cake pop eye balls and shaved orange candy melts for fur.

My mom made the monster towel for Jack and I made the little orange monster from an orange dusting mitt.

Monster treat bags.

The treats inside. (Thanks mom!)

Monster cups

Monster cake pops. I am no master of these and kind of hate making them. I figured they were supposed to be monstrous to keep with the theme of the party.

My mom made the monster fruit salad.

Here is a better shot of the little monster stuffed animal.

My mom made Monster Juice and "Eyes Tea". I made monster cups for the kids.

My mom also made the centerpieces.

Jack was very pleased to hear "Happy Birthday to Jack." Jack got some wonderful birthday gifts that he is so excited about. I think these three homemade gifts are darling.

Laura made this cute robot art kit.

Lorie made this darling monster pillow.

My mom made this awesome monster towel for Jack.

Everything turned out really cute and we had a great time. Now to rest a little and enjoy some summer vacation!


  1. That monster towel and dusting mitt monster are so awesome. What a fun birthday!