Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!  We've had a great Christmas Eve and Christmas.  Here are the highlights from the last night.  

Last night, we quickly snapped a photo on our way out the door to church for the Christmas Eve service.    This little stop caused me to leave my phone and video camera on the kitchen table, and only remember my purse and camera.  I guess the good news is at least I got pictures, but the bad news is, I didn't get Jack's antics on video.  

 This was the first year Ryan finally participated and seemed happy to be on stage.  He also made a bee line to the nearest microphone, which is probably why he is really smiling.  He is Phil's son after all.

Jack on the other hand, did not want to leave me and since I was making him go on stage, he took his blanket.  He was a little upset that he wasn't near a mic.

These three cuties were a delight to watch in the show.  They are singing about the "Good News" in this shot.

Ryan was actually singing here!  I was so happy.  He never sings along.

Jack at this point, decided to split from the group and travel down the stage to a lone mic.   I think he was channeling Steven Tyler and was using his blanket like a scarf.

Here's when he really let loose when he was supposed to "baaaa" like a sheep in the song.  He's my little rock star.

After the service, we went to my grandma's for our annual Christmas Eve celebration.  The little boys got foam swords in their stockings.  A sword fight quickly ensued.  They loved it!  We enjoyed watching them.

Here's Ryan opening his first present of the evening.  They boys were wild and a handful, but they also brought a lot of laughs and entertainment.  We had a great time list night.

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  1. I missed the sword fight. Glad you snapped a picture :)