Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Last year, Ryan wanted to be a race car driver for Halloween and he said Jack should be a stoplight. We loved it so this year we were working on thinking of another clever duo for the boys to be. We considered a UPS man for Ryan with Jack being a box (Jack in the box), Ryan also liked the idea of being Peter Pan and Jack being Michael, but he abandoned this idea shortly before Halloween. Ryan finally decided on being a fireman. My mom suggested that Jack be his Dalmation fire dog. Ryan immediately declared that he would be the fire dog named Lucky and Jack could be the fireman. It was settled. I found a fireman costume easily at Target, but I decided I could make Ryan's costume. I made his costume early in October and Ryan has been wearing it ever since. He got to wear it to church for Bible character night. I asked him how a dalmation could be a bible character and he said, "Mo-om, dogs were on the ark." I stand corrected. He also got to wear it to his preschool Halloween party, and many times in between around the house. We've enjoyed our little Lucky running around.

Jack, on the other hand, was not impressed with his costume. He was way more interested in pushing his dump truck around the yard, his new found passion. He was completely exasperated with my insistence with him wearing a hat.

He wanted that hat off and wanted to run away.

To add to the picture taking chaos, Rita decided to relieve herself in the background. Thanks, Rita.

And this was as close as I could get to having the two boys in a picture together. Maybe Jack will enjoy being a fireman some other time. At least his costume is big enough so he can wear it for dress up for a while.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Too cute! I love how much Ryan enjoys dressing up!

  2. Love the can tell Jack is not into the hat thing, what a face he made.