Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Priviledge

Ryan has been very interested in heaven for quite some time now and has been asking how he can go there. This past weekend, we were driving to Fresno, and we had this conversation again. I told him that he needed to pray that he was sorry for the wrong things that he did and he needed to tell Jesus that he believed in Him. He told me that he hadn't done any bad things that day so he didn't need to say sorry. During the weekend when he was disobedient or defiant, I would point it out to him and tell Ryan that those things were wrong and were sin and that is what he needed to say sorry for. He thought about it all weekend long.

Yesterday, we were driving to the store and he wanted to have the conversation again. I started to explain what he needed to pray to go to heaven. He told me that he prayed the "God our Father" prayer (which is a song the kids sing at church to bless their snack time). I told him that this was a good prayer, but not the prayer he needed to pray to be able to go to heaven. I again told him what he needed to pray. He told me he was scared to pray that and asked me to pray it with him. I of course said I would. I guided him through praying that he was sorry for the wrong things he did, that he believed in Jesus, and that he was thankful that Jesus died on the cross for him, and he repeated them after me. I was so emotional and happy, but I was driving the whole time. I immediately made a wrong turn after his prayer because I was so excited. I am so thankful for Ryan and his heart and that he asked me to pray with him. There is no greater thing that I can wish for my children than for them to accept their salvation and to become Christians. I am so grateful for this moment.

Ryan became a Christian June 8th, 2010


  1. My heart rejoices! Wow Jenny, what a fabulous moment! I'm grateful that your precious son has such a fabulous mommy to guide him through this important decision. What a great day!

  2. So sweet!! Made me tear up a little. What a wonderful moment!

  3. The CAO & The Queen BeeJune 10, 2010 at 3:26 PM

    I was reading this out loud to Haley... but I couldn't get through it. It made me cry. What a predcious time and tender heart moment.

  4. Wow, that is so sweet It made me tear up a little thinking about it.