Monday, February 15, 2010

8 months

Jack is 8 months old today! He is a big, happy, boy.
  • He is around 21 lbs. and 30 inches long.
  • When he eats, he gets really excited and rotates his feet in circles.
  • He much prefers food to bottles. This has been a struggle for the last several weeks.
  • When I hold him, his legs and arms continually move.
  • He still only has two teeth, despite weeks of teething.
  • He is trying to figure out how to crawl. He can scoot forward when he really wants something, but he is much better at backward. He gets super frustrated because that is not the way he wants to go.
  • He is constantly trying to get into Ryan's things and desires to do everything Ryan does. This does not make Ryan a happy camper. Jack can't figure out why not.
  • He still loves to suck his two middle fingers, although sometimes he includes a 3rd finger.
  • He gets better everyday at making his hands grab what he wants.
  • He has been a little momma's boy ever since we were sick. He is having a slight bout of separation anxiety.
  • He is the happiest little guy and always has a smile.
  • I love my little BIG guy!


  1. he is just precious. too cute that he sucks his middle fingers! Twain likes to eat food too. Sounds like your world is about to get turned upside down with his crawling! Boy am I beat from chasing Twain.

  2. I love him too and really miss him. Am longing to come to Bksfld to see you all.

    Love the pix. I had to laugh about the feet going in circles. Doug did that too and also the hands waving like his hands were saying "no". Wish I had pix of him doing that... so funny.

    Glad you are all better.
    love, grammy

  3. I can't believe how he has grown! Seriously. What a cutie patootie!