Friday, November 6, 2009

Preschool conversations

Ryan has been learning a lot at preschool lately and he's had some funny things to tell us about.

Wednesday night, Ryan and I were playing cars in his bedroom when he said, "Mommy, what's indibisable (indivisible)?" I said, "Oh, are you learning the flag salute (formerly known as the flag flute)?" He said he was. I then told him that indivisible means that it won't come apart. He then started to recite the "flag flute" with all his 3-year-old vocabulary. Hilarious.

Last night, I was giving Ryan a bath and he said, "Mommy, have you ever heard of pilgrims?" I said yes and asked him if he had been learning about them in preschool. He said he was. I asked what he knew about them. He said, "Well, there was this bad king and they didn't like him very much so they all got on a big boat and left."

I can't wait to hear his version of what he learned about next week.

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