Thursday, July 9, 2009


First of all, I must say, although baby bedding looks so adorable, it is such a pain. I HATE crib sheets. The mattresses are so large so a baby cannot get stuck in the 1/8 inch gap surrounding the perimeter, but this also prohibits sheets to be able to be changed easily. On top of this, the crib sheets seem as though they may rip every time I put them on (and when they are old and worn enough, they do) because they have to be stretched so tightly to get on. The situation only gets worse with the addition of bumper pads because then you have just closed the gap where your hand needs to go in order to fit the sheet onto the mattresses. I end of removing the mattress whenever I need to change it. Is it totally necessary for mattresses to fit so tightly?!?!?!
In other random news, Ryan completed two weeks of swim lessons last Thursday with Mr. Edgmon. He did so well. I'm also so impressed with what Ed can get those little kids to do. I think another two weeks would have really benefited him, but I just couldn't manage it with little Jack everyday for another couple weeks.
Lastly, I don't often brag about Phil, but he is the best. He brought these flowers home for me this week as a congratulations for Jack. He had waited till now because he wanted his favorite florist at Vons, Kelly, to make them. I love them so much. They have my orange lilies and pink daisies and I also adore the orange and yellow tulips. I appreciate these gestures so much.


  1. I won't lie...that's one reason why I haven't moved Henry to the crib for night yet...I'm dreading changing those sheets!

  2. Regarding the bumpers, let me preface that the Eli and Elsie's aren't darling like Jack and Henry's. Scott (a.k.a. Mr. Safety) insisted on them. I was just thrilled that they came in a color that matched the nursery! But, they are great when it comes to changing the crib sheets. They are the "breathable" crib bumpers that are very thin, and the mattress can be taken out of the crib to change the sheet without removing the them.

    I remember having to untie Emily's bumper pad EVERY TIME I needed to change the sheet, and with a reflux kid, that is too often! One thing I did do was buy multiple mattress pads and sheets, and layer them on. That way if you find you have to change the sheet in the middle of the night you just can pull the yucky sheet and mattress cover off (which hopefully you can do without taking off the bumper.

  3. Crib mattress sheets are a nightmare. I was so happy to take Maddy's crib down!

    And that was super sweet of Phil!