Saturday, March 28, 2009

First Train Ride

My grandma Enns called me a few weeks ago and said that she would like us to come and visit and that she thought we should come on the train.  We settled on the 17th as the date.  Our trip began early in the morning for a 7:15 train bound for Hanford.  Ryan was delighted as we drove up to the station.  He first saw the bus and was hoping to ride it.  His eyes grew huge as he saw the train and realized that it would be the thing we would ride.  Phil snapped this picture right before we got on board.
After Ryan grew tired of looking for trucks and tractors on our journey, I broke out the coloring books.  He is WAY into coloring right now.  

His cars also travelled with us.  We had to make a barrier with Papa Blankie so they wouldn't slide all over the table as the train moved.

The train first stopped in Wasco and when Ryan heard the destination he cried, "But Ryan not want go Wasco.  We goin' to Hanford!"  I had to explain to him that the train made several stops and we had to wait for ours.  He then wanted to get off at Corcoran, but I told him that was not the place for us.  We finally made it to Hanford to see Grandma.  We had a great day with her.  She had bubbles, cars, and a trip to the coffee shop for snacks waiting for us.  We enjoyed them all.  Ryan's favorite part was finding an open patch of dirt at Grandma's retirement community, where he laid down on his belly, yelled, "Dirt!", and promptly started driving all his cars around.  Our visit was short, but sweet.

Our last bit of excited was upon our arrival back in Bakersfield.  Ryan saw the fountain squirters and squealed with delight.  I only wish these pictures would allow you to hear his exclamations of excitement.  We loved our day with Grandma and can't wait to do it again.


  1. Cute. That is one of those days that he will probably remember forever. Nice that you have pictures and a little blog entry to remember it by. :)

  2. Fun! I still remember my first train ride!

  3. The CAO & The Queen BeeMarch 29, 2009 at 8:42 PM

    Jenny that was so cute and enjoyable to read. What a sweet day you had!