Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Camera and New Cars

On Super Bowl Sunday, our Canon Elph met an untimely demise due to brute force trauma to the lens caused by impact on a hardwood floor.  It was a sad moment for me to be unable to document recent events (notice the phone pictures in the Croup post).  I researched and researched and was debating between a few different point and shoots, or graduating to a Canon Rebel DSLR because Circuit City had an amazing price on one and because I've really been wanting one.  Practicality won out and I rationalized that I love to have a camera in my purse at all times and the Rebel wouldn't allow me to do that.  Phil cut through the research, found an amazing deal on Amazon, and surprised me with the Canon SX110.  I've had a great time playing with it this afternoon.  To add to our excitement, Ryan placed the last sticker on his potty chart and earned a trip to Target to pick out a toy.

Chick, The King, and Lightning McQueen were the toys du jour.  He hugged them to his chest throughout our trip to Target and couldn't wait to get a scissor to open them up.  He even felt good enough to take them outside and drive them on the patio.

Ryan was also a willing subject for my action shots and volunteered to throw his bouncy ball for me.

Lastly, Ryan loves to surprise me with dandelions and presented me with this handful while we were outside playing.  We had a great afternoon together enjoying our new toys.


  1. What an exciting day! Whoda thunk dandelions could be so sweet? theres a book called Dandy Lion that I remember reading once...Ryan might like it!

  2. I am commenting on this post in hopes you will see it :) On the Modern Diaper bag, my pattern says to cut straps that are 19" long...that seems so short! I know you made yours longer because of the rings. Do you think 19" is short without the rings? Thank you! Please email