Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Guess How Old Ryan is Today

Happy Birthday Ryan!


  1. Weeeee! Happy birthday Ryan! As for storytimes.. we've tried out a couple. The frappe one is Barnes and Noble on Fridays at 10:30. The hold it in the Starbucks area. We don't go routinely but it has been really fun. There is also one at Borders on Tues (same time) but it is SUPER crowded. And there's actually one at Berean but I've yet to try that one out on a Friday yet.

  2. Happy Birthday Ryan! What did you get him? I'm pretty sure there isn't any train stuff left to be purchased... :)

  3. Katie, we got him Duplo blocks that he can build a Thomas and Friends station and engine with. We also got him foam ABC letters for the bath tub.

    Jenn, I work on Fridays, so those won't work, but I noticed that there are story times at Beale and the Southwest branch libraries. Have you tried those?