Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sew Crafty

Now that school is out and VBS is over (teaching 37 preschoolers...) I've had time to sew again. I've been loving it. I've had several projects, which have been gifts for others, that have been on my, "as soon as school's out pile." They are now complete. The pictures are below.

Jungle Dipes and Wipes Case

inside of Dipes and Wipes Case


Girlie Apron for a little girl

Girlie Dipes and Wipes Case


  1. So cute. Who makes that black and white and yellow fabric? I haven't seen it before?

  2. I am so impressed. The little girlie apron makes me want to learn how to sew! Fun stuff.

  3. that's a lot of sewing projects--good for you! and i love that Timless Treasures fabric. and i'm a sucker for pop-poms. fun color combo!