Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Funny Little Guy

I love Ryan in so many ways, but lately, I have been smitten with his hilarious and developing sense of humor. Today, we were out running errands, when I remembered that he turned 20 months old today. I turned to him and said, "Ryan, it's your 20 month birthday." He looked at me for a second, and then asked, "cake?"

We also went to a friends baby shower today and he saw two little babies there. He has just learned the number two and the word baby so he was fascinated by the two of them. All afternoon he has been saying,"baby,"to me. I finally asked him, "Would you like a baby?" He nodded, "Yes." I said, "A brother or a sister?" (No, do not get any ideas. I am not pregnant.) He said, "brufa. Jack." I really think he just would like us to adopt his playmate, Jack, but I was amazed at how his little mind works and how conversational he has become.

Ryan amazes me everyday. I look forward to each weekend when I get two solid days with him. I cannot wait until the summer to spend so much more time with him and get to know him even better.

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  1. Oh, it must be the final few weeks of school that constantly remind us moms of the pure joy that our little ones are, and anxious to get the summer started already! I can't wait to spend the summer with Emily.

    (In case I forgot to tell you, she put liquid Tide in the aquarium... she called it "fish sparkle." ) I guess I should prepare for some cleaning this summer too! :)